Protein sources

Any person who is taken in serious sports activity knows that the correct power supply is essential to achieve the best results, either is practiced bodybuilding, fitness, weightlifting, power stroke, diving length, etc. or that we are fond of weight training, we know that the intake of protein in the diet is essential to provide the body the raw material for building new muscle tissue.

We make a small list which are the main sources of protein, so make sure we include them in our daily food.

Lean beef

Excellent source of protein and vitamins of Group B, iron, and zinc.

Venison and ostrich meat
These meats are excellent sources of protein, vitamins of Group B, Zinc and iron; they are low in fat and flavor is excellent.

And other species of blue fish are another great source of protein, excellent also for its high content of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, with large estates to reduce heart disease, cholesterol and boost the immune system.

Whole eggs and egg whites
They are the best source of protein that we eat, contain all the essential amino acids, most of the protein is in the clear and fat in the egg yolk, however together gives us the combination complete protein; the amount of fat that contributes a hevo is only 5 grams, of which 46% is saturated fat.

Oatmeal is a cereal made up almost 85% of complex carbohydrates, but contains almost 10% of protein, most double of what it contains milk; to include it in our diet we’re not only adding quality proteins but that we guarantee the intake of complex carbohydrates are sufficient and fiber hidrosioluble.

Of course, this list only includes some of protein sources that we consume in our daily food. Chicken, seafood, lentils, milk and its derivatives, and many other foods provide us with proteins that requrimos to meet the requirements of our organism, must only make sure to include enough in our diet.